Tuya MmWave Presence Motion Sensor (with Luminance/ Distance detection) – WiFi


The Tuya ZY-M100 Presence Sensor is a Wifi MmWave Human Presence Motion Sensor with luminance/ distance detection.

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The Tuya ZY-M100 Presence Sensor is a Wifi MmWave Human Presence Motion Sensor with luminance/distance detection.

Main Features:

1.Functional Wifi Smart Human Presence Sensor to detect the presence or absence of people in the area, using mmWave Radar detection . This device is also able to detect a static person, such as someone sleeping.

2. Perceived Light Intensity for Smart control & Scene Linkage – The illuminance monitor in the Tuya / Smart Life APP enables this device to be used as a trigger for other smart devices or scenes, e.g. to automatically turn house lights ON/OFF as the brightness changes.

3. Advanced new design with Multiple settings

  • Sensitivity settings from 1-9
  • Detection range settings from 0.3m to 9.5m
  • Time duration settings from 0s to 1500s
  • Latency setting from 2s – 10s to avoid repeat triggers and reduce false alarms.


  • Network: Wifi.
  • Wall mount sensor input: USB 5V.
  • Working temperature: -20°C~+70°C
  • Sensitivity: 1-9 (default 7)
  • Wall mount sensor sensing distance: 0.3m – 9m (Default 6m).
  • Illuminance Sensor: 0-2000 LUX.
  • Target detection confirmation time: 0s – 10s
  • Delay time: 2s – 1500s.
  • Wall Mount Size: 58mm*58mm*11mm

For more information, see this excellent review by Smart Home Scene:


Package list:

  • Human presence sensor*1
  • User manual*1
  • USB Cable*1(Wall Mount)


  1. This Wall mount sensor has a 5v DC USB port. A USB cable is included, but not the transformer.
  2. Other options are also avaialble and can be ordered on request:
    1. Ceiling mount as well as wall mount options are available. The Ceiling mount can be installed like a downlight and is powered by 220V AC. The wall mount option is powered by 5V DC.
    2. Both the Ceiling mount and Wall mount options are available in both Zigbee and WiFi options.