Led Controller for Addressable LEDs – SP108e WiFi


The SP105e WiFi LED Controller is ideal for control of addressable LED strips or panels. (Note that it does not support integration with Google Home or Alexa.)

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The SP105e WiFi LED Controller is ideal for control of addressable LED strips or panels. (Note that it does not support integration with Google Home or Alexa.)


  • App:”LedShop”
  • Long distance remote control via WIFI / App;
  • Support 2 connection modes:
    • Access Point mode (AP) mode:
      • Direct connection between the Controller and Phone as controller functions as an access point.
    •  LAN connection (STA) mode:
      • Controller and Phone are connected to the same home WiFi network.
  •  Creative DIY effects from images;
  • Brightness: Adjustable
  • Pattern programs: 180 patterns and 8 color settings
  • Total pixel number: 2048 pixels;
  • User setting: Favorites
  • App control: ”LedShop” available for IOS (v10.0 or later) and Android (v4.4 and later)
  • Working Voltage : DC5V~24V, reverse polarity protection;
  • Working Current : 20mA~130mA;
  • Remote distance : 20 meters (approx.);
  • Product size : 85mm*45mm*22mm;
  • Product weight : 40g ;
  • Certificates : CE, RoHS;
  • Length of LED strip: 5 m (If voltage drop is detected, please inject power on both ends of the LED strip.


  • The controller cannot regulate the output voltage at VCC, therefore please ensure that use the correct power supply. Only use 5V power supply for strips that require 5VDC.

Installation and Set-up:

  • Wiring:
    • For LED with IC type WS2812B, WS2811,SK6812,SK6812-RGBW, which requires data wire, but no
      clock wires, the CLK port is not required, only the DAT port.
    • For LED with IC type WS2801, APA102,SK9822, which requires both data and clock wires, both CLK and DAT wires should be connected
    • For LED with IC type WS2813 or WS2815, which has two data wires and no clock wire, the data wire should be connected to DAT port and the backup data wire to GND port.
  • Install “LedShop” from the app store or scan the QR code on the box.
  • For Access Point mode (AP) mode:
    • Disconnect Phone from WiFi network and power on the Controller.
    • After 20 seconds the Controller will automatically switch to AP mode ;
    • Enter the Phone’s WiFi settings and connect to the Controller (similar name as SP108E_xxx, the default pin code is 12345678),
    • Open the “LEDShop” App on Phone and select the Controller in the available device list;
  •  For LAN connection (STA) mode:
    • Ensure that Phone is connected to the WiFi and power on the Controller;
    • Within 20 seconds, open the “LEDShop” APP and select “Add Device” on the app.
    • Enter the WiFi pin if prompted (the default pin code is 12345678)
    • Click OK to confirm and wait for the configure processing to finish;
    • After the successful pairing, the Controller name will be available in the device list;
  • Open “Settings” and set up the correct IC model and R/G/B sequence according to your LED lights.
  • Set up total pixels to 2048, which is the max pixels the controller can drive. If your light’ pixels are more than 2048, the rest pixels will not work.



  • For WS2812B, WS2813 and WS2815, select WS2811 if the relevant option is not available on the app.
    The controller does not support non-addressable RGB/RGBW LED strip without IC.
    Ensure that you power supply voltage matches the LED voltage. The potential ampere rating of the power supply must be equal or higher than the LED strip requirement.