Broadlink RM4 Mini IR Universal Smart Remote


The Broadlink RM4 Mini is an all-in-One Hub that supports IR remote control of TV’s, Air Conditioners, video recorders and more.

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All-in-One Hub that supports IR remote control of TV’s, Air Conditioners, video recorders and more.

Your Broadlink RM4 mini turns your smartphone into a universal remote and integrates control of home entertainment and automation devices in one easy-to-use app BroadLink. RM4 Mini works with Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT. When paired with Alexa or Google, it gives you hands-free voice control of your devices, like turning on or off your TV or turning up/down the volume via voice command.

The RM4 Mini accesses a massive database of more than 50,000 devices to enable control of IR devices on the free smartphone app, as well as timers and voice control via Google Home and Alexa.

The RM4 Mini is also able to “learn” Remote Control Codes for those devices not yet available on the database.

Examples of the benefits of the RM4 Mini functions include:

  • Control your Air conditioners and Curtain Motors from anywhere in the world
  • Switch on your TV and tune to your favourite channel when you arrive home with IFTTT
  • Turn the volume of your TV up via voice control

Simply share your device with other family members with limited permissions

Customize different scenes with one-click option for sleep scene, morning scene, away scene and more. An example is to set a scene when you arrive home: Close the curtains, turn on the aircon and the TV.

With the optional Humidity / Temperature sensor, real-time data is displayed in the BroadLink App which can be viewed anytime and anywhere

What’s in the box
1x RM4 Mini Universal Remote, 1x USB Charger Cable, 1x Manual. (Does Not include Sensor Cable or power adapter)

Weight 200 g

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