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Zigbee Tuya ZY-M100 Presence Sensor is a ZigBee MmWave Human Presence Motion Sensor with luminance/distance detection.

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The Tuya ZY-M100 Presence Sensor is a ZigBee MmWave Human Presence Motion Sensor with luminance/distance detection.

Main Features:

1.Functional ZigBee Smart Human Presence Sensor to detect the presence or absence of people in the area, using mmWave Radar detection . This device is also able to detect a static person, such as someone sleeping.

2. Perceived Light Intensity for Smart control & Scene Linkage – The illuminance monitor in the Tuya / Smart Life APP enables this device to be used as a trigger for other smart devices or scenes, e.g. to automatically turn house lights ON/OFF as the brightness changes.

3. Advanced new design with Multiple settings

  • Sensitivity settings from 1-9
  • Detection range settings from 0.3m to 9.5m
  • Time duration settings from 0s to 1500s
  • Latency setting from 2s – 10s to avoid repeat triggers and reduce false alarms.

4. ZigBee Hub as Control Center

A Tuya ZigBee gateway is required for the ZigBee human presence sensor and will perform as the center bridge for all Tuya ZigBee smart devices with a stable signal.


  • Network: ZigBee
  • Input voltage: USB 5VDC (wall mount) or 220VAC (ceiling mount)
  • Working temperature: -20°C~+70°C
  • Sensitivity: 1-9 (default 7)
  • Detection range (Wall mount): 0.3m – 9m (Default 6m)
  • Detection range (Ceiling mount): 0m – 7 (Default 5m)
  • Illuminance Sensor: 0-2000 LUX.
  • Target detection confirmation time: 0s – 10s
  • Delay time: 2s – 1500s.
  • Wall Mount Size: 58mm x 58mm x 11mm
  • Ceiling Mount Size: 61mm diameter x 39mm

For more information, see this excellent review by Smart Home Scene:


Package list:

  • 1x Human presence sensor
  • 1x User manual*1
  • 1x USB Cable*1(Wall Mount)


  1. Tuya ZigBee gateway is required and is sold separately.
  2. This Wall mount sensor has a 5v DC USB port. A USB cable is included, but not the transformer.
  3. Other options are also avaialble and can be order on request:
    1. A ceiling mount option is available that can be installed like a downlight and is powered by 220V AC.
    2. Both the Ceiling mount and Wall mount options are available in both Zigbee and WiFi options.

Ceiling (220VAC), Wall (5VDC)