BNETA F1-D Smart Pet Feeder with HD Camera


BNETA Smart Pet Feeder with fisheye HD Camera (with voice support) to ensure that pets get their required nutrition, even when you are not at home.

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Smart Pet Feeder

Always ensuring feeding for your fur baby. Schduled Feeding helps keep any fur baby happy when your not at home.

BNETA F1-D Pet Feeder


HD Video Images

Real – Time Video & Audio interaction with your fur baby just one click away to ensure you always stay connected.


BNETA F1-D Pet Feeder

Large Capacity

4.5L Visible Food Hooper, this will fluctuate according to the density and size of small to medium breed pet food.

BNETA F1-D Pet Feeder

Food Type and Size now made easy

5 to 15 mm in size to the flavor and desire of your fur baby.

SUS 304 Stainless Steel Food Tray

Now available with the F1-D is the stainless steel food bowl that prevents black chin and food oil accumulation and easier to clean with less build up.

Dual Power Supply

Dont worry about load shedding as the backup battery sytems allows for the back up power supply. this will ensure your scheduled feedings never miss their time alloaction for your fur baby not to go hungry.

BNETA F1-D Pet Feeder

Note: Batteries not included.

Keep Fresh

To ensure your fur baby always gets the best, the new improved feeder now comes with a desicant box to always ensure freshnes with every feed. The sealed top lid and hidden food tray ensures and reduces insects affecting the fresh feed to your beloved fur baby.


BNETA F1-D Pet Feeder

Product No.
Product Name
Smart Pet Feeder with Camera
Feeding Settings
1-4 Meals, 1-10Portion,  8-10g per portion
Food Size
Up to 10s recording will be played once when feeding
Gift Box Size
19.5* 24.5 * 39CM
Carton Size
 41 * 51 * 41CM
Gross Weight
9.8KG / Carton   2.6KG / Box
Carton Quantity
4pcs/ Carton
What’s in the Box

Feeder * 1 pc

Instructions * 1 pc
Desiccant bag * 1 pc
Adapter * 1 pc (optional)
Product Functions
1、One-piece mold,Smaller size with larger capacity (4.5L);
2、No screws food hopper design, easy to clean;
3、More accurate food dispense system;
4、Tripple Lock design to keep fresh
5、One-hand operation for better user experience;
5、Completely sealed design with desiccant box insde;
6、Dual power supply;
7、Real-time battery power display.
Above information from the Distributor’s website (
Weight 2600 g
Dimensions 32 × 24 × 37 cm

B22 (Bayonet), E27 (Screw-in)

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