Sonoff PIR3-RF motion sensor 433MHz RF


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The Sonoff PIR3-RF motion sensor has a compact size and can be installed in almost any position to detect and log motion.

The sensor has a range of 8M and detects motion in a radius of up to 100 degrees to identify movement for home security or convenience automations. It can be used to Trigger a number of connected device such as a Sonoff camera to view who the intruder is, a light when you enter the door, a siren or other device. An option can also easily be set to receive a notification on your smart phone every time that movement is detected within defined times.

The Sonoff PIR3-RF has 2 working modes:

  • Alert mode: The sensor is triggered every 5 seconds when someone enters the detection range.
  • Normal mode: The alert trigger is activated only after no motion is detected for at least 1 minute after the last trigger.


  • The PIR3-RF sensor requires a Sonoff RF Bridge to work – Available separately
  • Batteries are not included