Sonoff NSPanel Pro & Adaptor Plate – The ultimate control panel (supports Matter, HomeBridge, NodeRed and more)


Sonoff NSPanel Pro with complementary adaptor plate for SA installation – The ultimate control panel for your eWelink devices, including support for Matter, HomeBridge, NodeRed and more. The NS Panel Pro can be used to monitor different camera streams, for intercom-type communication, to act as either a Zigbee Gateway or a Zigbee Router for Zigbee devices from Sonoff and selected other brands / models.


  • All in One Panel Control: Unlimited number of control devices, supports control of all SONOFF devices, from smart lights, smart cameras, and security sensors to switches, etc. and will continue to support SONOFF’s new device in the future.
  • Build-in Zigbee Hub: Quickly add Zigbee devices on the screen in batches. Standard Zigbee 3.0 protocol makes the connection more stable and the coverage wider. Added sub-devices can be voice-controlled by using Alexa, Google Home, and more.
  • Home Security: Customize 3 modes by setting different arming devices. After arming, once the sensor is triggered, the panel will alarm, and you will receive a notification alert on the phone.
  • Temp-Control: Choose the temperature source (e.g. TH Elite) and execution devices (e.g. MINIR4M, ZBMINIL2…) to create a thermostat / cooling / heating system and maintain a suitable room temperature .
  • Camera Viewer: NSPanel Pro can be used as a display and supports adding different types of cameras for live monitoring.

SONOFF NSPanel Pro is a smart home control panel. Your smart lights, switches, heaters, coolers, curtains, and all your Sonoff smart devices can be controlled from a single panel.

The NSPanel Pro act as a Zigbee bridge and Zigbee devices can be added in batches. Standard Zigbee 3.0 protocol improves the connection stability and can extend the coverage mesh. All SONOFF Zigbee devices such as SNZB-01P, SNZB-02P, ZBMINIL2 and more are supported.

NSPanel Pro can be used as a display and supports adding cameras for live monitoring and viewing at any time.

Power Consumption Graph, Customised wallpaper, and Intercom functionality is also supported… Regular firmware updates support more and newer functions, including future Matter support.


  • Zigbee: IEEE 802.15.4 (Zigbee 3.0)
  • Wi-Fi: IEEE 802.11 b 2.4GHz
  • Input: 100-240V AC 50/60Hz
  • Max Power Consumption: 5W MAX; 150mA
  • TFT Screen Size: 3.95″ (Capacitive Screen)
  • Screen Resolution: 480 x 480
  • MCU: PX30
  • CPU: 4-cores Cortex-A35
  • GPU: Mali-G31GPU
  • RAM: 2GB, DDR3
  • ROM: 8GB, eMMC 5.1
  • Certifications: CE/UKCA/ SRRC/RoHS
  • Shell Materials: PC V0+CRS+Toughened Glass
  • Dimension: 86x86x39.5mm

NSPanel Pro supports devices list:

  • Wi-Fi
    • DIY Smart Switch: MINIR2, MINIR3, MINIR4, MINIR4M,BASICR2, BASICR3, BASICR4, RFR2, DUALR2, 4CHR3/4CHPROR3, TH10/TH16, TH Origin, TH Elite,POWR2, POWR3, POW Origin, POW Elite, Micro, Micro MFG, SlampherR2, DUALR3/ DUALR3 Lite,SPM-4Relay
    • Smart Wall Switch: TX, TX Ultimate, M5, IW101/IW100
    • Smart Lighting: D1, B02/B05-BL LED Bulb, LED Filament Bulb, Smart LED Bulb,L1, L1 Lite, L2, L2 Lite, L3, L3-P Home Security & Sensor CAM-Slim, GK-200MP2-B, DW2-Wi-Fi
    • Central Control Panel: NSPanel
      Smart Plug S26, S26R2, S55
  • Zigbee
    • Sensor: SNZB-02D, SNZB-02P,SNZB-02, SNZB-03, SNZB-03P, SNZB-04
    • Home Appliance:  ZBCurtain, TRV
    • Smart Plug: S26R2ZB
  • eWeLink-Remote
    • DIY Smart Switch: S-MATE, S-MATE2
    • Scene Controller: R5
Home Assistant:
The NSPanel Pro can be used with Home Assistant… Sync the devices from Home Assistant to the eWeLink App through the add-on, then add the Home Assistant’s devices to the panel by adding widgets.
NSPanel pro supports adding four types of cameras, i.e. SONOFF Cameras, RTSP Cameras, ESP32 Cameras and the eWeLink Camera app.


What’s in the box:

  • 1 * NSPanel Pro
  • 1 * User Manual


  • More information is available on the Manufacturer’s product page.
  • Sonoff NSPanel Pro variations require L and N wires.
  • All SONOFF Zigbee devices and other brands using the standard Zigbee 3.0 protocol are supported. Philips Hue lights and IKEA lights will be supported in 1.2.0.
  • NSPanel Pro can be used to access local Zigbee devices via iHost.
  • The Sonoff NSPanel Pro is currently only available in UK size (86mm x 86mm x 39.5mm). A US size is planned for the future, but in the interim, each NS Panel PRO bought from us without the official Desk Enclosure Stand will be shipped with a complementary 3D-printed plate to assist with installation in a standard 2×4 wall box for light switches. (Please note that the plates are 3D printed (not molded) and may therefore present minor imperfections.)
Weight 200 g
Dimensions N/A

Black, White