Sonoff MS01 Soil Moisture Sensor – with RJ11 Adapter for TH Origin TH Elite


Sonoff THS01 Temperature and Humidity Sensor (not waterproof) with wider monitoring range (Temperature -40℃ to +85℃ and humidity 0 to 100%RH) as well as RJ11 for hot-plugging, making the connection more stable and reliable.

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  • Monitor Soil Moisture: Works with the TH Elite / TH Origin to monitor your plants’ soil moisture.
  • DIY A Smart Watering Device: DIY your sprinkler to water automatically according to the setting moisture value.
  • IP55 Waterproof: IP55 waterproof assure you water flowers freely without taking the sensor out.
  • Voice Control: Ask your Google Assistant for humidity conveniently.
  • Easy To Use: The package comes with an RJ11 adapter, plug RJ11 adapter to sensor, and then plug into the TH Elite / TH Origin .

Note: RL560 is the new sensor extension cable with RJ11, can extend the sensor distance to 10m.


The MS01 is an accessory of TH Elite/TH Origin and works with the Sonoff TH Elite or TH Origin to accurately measure soil moisture and send data to your mobile phone. The MS01 can facilitate regular watering and check the soil moisture at anytime and anywhere.

Using the MS01 and TH Elite/TH Origin DIY as a smart watering device, target soil moisture levels can be set to automatically turn irrigation systems connected to the TH Elite/TH Origin switches on or off.

The MS01 is compatible with Google Assistant and you can ask Google about the humidity.

The switch has IP55 waterproof rating allowing you to water your flowers without the need of taking the sensor out of the soil, even when it rains.

The MS01 ensures a beautiful and smarter garden.

Package includes :

Weight 5 g