Sonoff iHost Smart Home Hub for local control of eWelink devices


Sonoff iHost Smart Home Hub for local control of eWelink devices

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Sonoff iHost Smart Home Hub – private local server for your smart home system, Local connection and control, Scenes. Highest security as device data stays local and private.

Commands or data from your phone, sensor or camera, travelling to a eWelink server somewhere in China, Europe or elsewhere and then all the way back again to your light switch or phone only creates reliability problems and security risks. Now that server can be hosted in your own home or office, ensuring top reliability and security

Compatible with Wi-Fi LAN devices and Zigbee standard protocol devices

The iHost supports connecting and controlling of LAN devices. You can control the device even when the Internet is down and can manage up to 128 sub-devices. It works with Zigbee router devices to extend the Zigbee network range.

Local Data Storage and Data Management – Data remains safe and private

All data including scene logs, operational logs, security logs, etc. is stored in a local database to protect your data security and each data type supports local storage of 2000 data

Open API and Addon integration

iHost supports open API and Docker containerization. You can install or develop additional Add-ons to make your smart life more convenient.



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