Ewelink wifi module for traditional 2-WAY switches (No Neutral Required)


The Ewelink WIFI Module (no neutral) will transform your old 2-way switches (connected to one light), smart. This will allow you to control the light from the 2 traditional switches, as well as mobile phone APP.

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This Ewelink WIFI Module requires no neutral wire at the connection box and is suitable to connect 2 physical switches in a 220V circuit. (Note that “2-way” refers to 1 light that is being controlled with 2 switches (eg top and bottom of stairs). Traditional switches will usually have 3 wires connected to each switch, e.g. 2x wires running between the switches and then a 3rd (usually from the DB or to the light).

The switch can be controlled by the 2 traditional switches, the free Ewelink app, Google Assistant, Alexa (voice or app) as well as timer schedules., In addition the power-on state can be set to either on or off when the power is restored after an outage.

The status of the light can be monitored in real time on the app and control of the switch can be shared with specific friends and family.
Smart scenes can be defined on the app to trigger this switch based on actions of other switches or vice versa.

Voice control: is possible via Alexa or Google Assistant and a maximum of 8 single / repeat / countdown timing schedules can be set.

This module is super easy to install and requires no dedicated hub or monthly subscriptions other than your current home WiFi router (2.4GHz).


  • 1-gang 2 way WiFi module
  • No Neutral Wire Required
  • Light can be controlled by the 2 traditional switches and mobile phone APP simultaneously.
  • There is no need to replace the current wall switches. It is economical and affordable.


  • Input: 200-240V AC 50-60hz
  • Wattage: Max 500W
  • Standby power consumption: 0.2W
  • Size: 52*29*20mm
  • Wireless frequency :WIFI 2.4G (5G NOT SUPPORTED)
  • APP: eWeLink


  1. Requires capacitor to be installed at the light itself across L and N (Capacitor included)
  2. No user guide is included, but support is available if information and pictures are not adequate,
Weight 30 g