Ewelink Garage Door Controller with sensor (Eachen GD-DC5GD 5m)


Eachen GD-DC5 Wifi enabled Electric Gate Controller

Availability: Only 2 left in stock

The Eachen GD-DC5 is a WifFi enabled Garage Door or electric Gate controller that operates via the same app than Sonoff (eWeLink app), making it extremely convenient to control your garage door from the same place than your lights, swimming pool pump and any other devices that you may have linked up to Sonoff switches. This unit is intended to be fixed to the wall and door with double-sided tape or screws, and ships without metal brackets.

The included sensor with 5m cable, makes it easy to see whether your Garage door is open or closed and gives you the additional functionality offered by IFTTT (refer notes below), e.g. closing doors when you leave home or at a specified time at night.

Supported eWelink functions include:

  • Remote opening and closing
  • Setting Timing Schedules
  • Sharing control of the device with family or friends
  • History Record
  • Compatible with Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Amazon Tap
  • Works with Google Home, Google Nest
  • Works with IFTTT, which provides features like closing the garage door when I am 200 meters away form home or Sending an email when the door is open (NOTE that a separate eWeLink subscription is required at an additional fee for IFTTT functionality)

A USB cable is included to provide 5V DC power. Please note that the 5V power plug is not included and that any suitable 5V cellphone charger can be used for this. A 5v, minimum 1A charger is recommended for this switch.


The GD_DC5 offers a number of alternative methods to connect to your existing garage door motor, i.e. Connect the device to the motor, Connect the device to the remote controller or Connect the device to the wall console.

If your garage door opener has a NO trigger (e.g. TRG and COM), you can connect the device to the opener itself. To test compatibility, one can connect a wire to the same terminals that are normally used to connect an external switch, e.g. GSM unit, wall button, etc… If the door activates, then your garage door opener is compatible with the Eachen GD-DC5.

Easy Installation:

  • Power up the device with DC 5V adapter and micro USB cable.
  • Connect the Red & Black wires to your garage door opener: Put each end to the same terminals as the wall button wires are terminated to.
  • Connect the sensor and secure to the garage door with screws, 3M tape and / or bracket.
  • Control the device from your smart phone.

Note1: The power supply is DC 5V/1A, and the power adapter is not included in the package.

Note2: The device cannot connect to 5G WiFi, only 2.4G-Wifi is supported.

Note3: IFTTT integration is only available through the eWeLink Advanced Plan.

Note4: Double sided tape included, but no metal brackets or screws.

Weight 200 g

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