eWeLink 433MHz RF Wall remote


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The eWeLink 433MHz RF Wall remote can be used to control a number of switches with 433MHz RF receivers, including the Eachen L-RF-US light switches, Sonoff T2 range, Sonoff Slampher and Sonoff 4Ch Pro switches,

These battery operated remote transmitters are ideal for use in areas where access to 220V is limited and where an additional switch is preferred, e.g. both ends of the corridor.


  1. CR2032 batteries are not included and should be ordered separately.
  2. When opening the switch to replace batteries gently pry open the top of the switch first (i.e. the part that does not move). Thereafter gently split the bottom / moving part of the switch. (If you force the bottom part open first, you may damage the catches that keeps the 2 halves together)
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